Attitude Alley: About Us

300 tire choppers





Tom McCall

"I liked Attitude Alley so much. . . . . . I bought the company"



Rob Sload

The founding father of the Alley and motorcycle sales guru; has been customizing bikes for 36 years (you do the math). Favorite bar closed years ago; still sits in empty parking lot every night.


Enjoying Retirement in Carolina:

Chuck Snyder

Paint slinger, aggressively passive, spends most of his day in a fog; call before noon for best conversation.



Denny Harsh

Certified wrench spinner of Shed Eagle!



Kevin Breeden

Air brush maestro, loves Ball Park franks; favorite alarm clock broke four years ago... has been late for work every day since.


Neighbor Dave

Divine detailer. Has problems living outside the box. Removes helmet only while showering.


Rich Musselman

Gopher, resident hottie, drinks Red Bull by the gallon and still dozes off talking to the ladies.



Metal Maverick. Our in-house fabricator.



Plumber John

Was here on opening day. Hasn't left since.





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